Rimmel Stay Matte vs MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

I have very specific requirements when it comes to face powder. I want it to keep my make up in place and ensure I am shine-free all day without making me look too matte and 2 dimensional. I don’t have oily skin, it’s more normal-combination but that said, I do suffer from a lot of shine when I’m at work all day so I do need something to combat that.

I have tried lots of finishing powders over the years (two I wouldn’t recommend are the ELF Complexion Perfection and the Boots No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder – both very chalky) but the Rimmel Stay Matte and the MAC MSF Natural are two that I always come back to. Some might call them my ‘holy grail’ powders, although I’m not keen on those cliché beauty blogger phrases!

The most obvious difference with these two powders is the price. The Rimmel retails for a teeny tiny £3.99 whilst the MAC will set you back a much more sizeable £22. That’s quite a price comparison. I am a huge MAC fan and it is definitely my favourite high end make-up brand but it does pain me to spend over £20 on a powder – although I have repurchased it time and time again! It is a truly beautiful powder, it’s so finely milled that it’s effortless to use because it’s almost impossible to apply too much and achieve the oh so sexy (NOT!) cakey look. As you can see from the image above, I have well and truly ‘hit pan’ (another of those beauty blogger clichés haha).

I do find I need take more care when applying the Rimmel Stay Matte as it is slightly chunkier and chalkier in consistency but with a light hand a few taps of the powder brush before applying to your face, this too achieves a beautiful natural looking shine free face.

To conclude, if you are on a budget I would highly recommend the Rimmel powder. It is a bit of a cult favourite and for good reason. I think it’d be very hard to find a better quality powder for such a bargain!

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit spendy I don’t think you could go wrong with the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. You just have to look on the UK MAC website (where you will currently find every single shade out of stock-boo!) for proof that this powder is well worth the hefty price tag.

Whichever powder I am going for I always apply it with the brilliant Real Techniques Powder Brush. A bloody brilliant purchase and thoroughly recommended!


Thanks for reading!

Abi x


23 thoughts on “Rimmel Stay Matte vs MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

  1. Hitting pan on any product is always terrifying! I’m hitting pan on my current powder (Elf Translucent Powder- not sure if it’s the one you discard but it works for me) and I was looking for a new one to try! Definitely going to purchase the Rimmel Stay Matt because it’s highly recommended by many people! Thanks for the review, very handy! 🙂

  2. I tried the Rimmel Powder, but it was just too much for me. I think it might been the brush I was using, but it looked too powdery and obvious. I really want to try the MAC powder though. I have MAC’s Sheer / Select pressed powder and it works really well on me, but I’ve heard so many great things about the Mineralize Skinfinish powders.

    • I definitely know what you mean, it does require a light hand or can easily appear too much! I think using a finishing spray over the top might take the edge of that ‘over-powdered’ look. Thanks for reading! x

  3. Great post! I have been contemplating the Rimmel powder for some time. I, too, am a huge MAC fan but I am all for dupes when I can find them. Thanks!

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