Coconut Oil: The Best Cleanser EVER?!

I’ve been using coconut oil as a hair mask for a couple of years now and it has been a godsend through the good times and the bad (see My Hair History post)! I had heard many good things about using it as a cleanser but was slightly reluctant as I was really happy with the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser I had been using for the past few months. However, when I started breaking out more than usual I wanted to try something with more natural ingredients so out came the coconut oil, and boy am I happy with the results…

Not only does it effortlessly remove every last scrap of eye and face makeup, it leaves my skin feeling fresh, pampered and soft too. Oh and the break outs? Gone. Apparently this stuff is antibacterial and anti-fungal so whilst you may think covering your face with oil would produce spots, it actually helps to prevent them!

Coconut oil is solid but melts at body temperature so to use it I scoop out about a teaspoon amount and rub together in my hands before applying it to face/hair/body.

I use this oil exactly how I use hot cloth cleansers – to remove makeup apply it to a dry face and over the eyes. Run a muslin cloth under comfortably warm water. Ring it out and lay the warm damp cloth flat over your face allowing it to open your pores. After a few seconds wipe the oil off your face with the cloth until all makeup and oil has disappeared. Splash face with cold water to close pores and then pat dry. I then repeat these steps again to cleanse the skin.

Another good point about this gorgeous stuff is that it’s cheap as chips and can be found in health food stores, supermarkets and online. I purchased mine from eBay for about £4 for 200ml. Just make sure the pot says the words ‘raw, virgin and unrefined’ to make sure you’re getting the purest version of it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and uses for coconut oil!

Thanks for reading!
Abi x


32 thoughts on “Coconut Oil: The Best Cleanser EVER?!

  1. Oh this sounds lovely! I’ve recently been getting many breakouts (probably due to my age, oily skin type and current cleanser), so I might try this and see how it works with my skin!
    Thankyou very very much xx

  2. I’ve heard this stuff is great for your skin! My sister used it in our bath and pretty much covered whole thing with it! It was such a pain to clean up. But I bet it works much better when applying it with your hands. Great post!

  3. Nice post! And I agree with you. Using coconut oil is great for removing makeup, it’s even better than makeup remover, hands down! and aside from makeup remover, it has a lot of other uses. 🙂

  4. I love coconut oil for cooking and toothpaste (equal parts with baking soda and a few drops of peppermint oil). My current cleanser has been drying me out. I am going to have to try this!

  5. Ohh I really want to try this! I’ve red so much about it and now I’m wondering if it works so good for me! X Love

  6. I love virgin coconut oil as well. It’s a real miracle worker! I only apply it to my arms and legs for my skin condition (KP) and it has helped clear it up a bit.

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