Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: Tart Deco


I adore this colour. It’s a perfect creamy peachy orange. It looks great with a tan and would be a lovely finger or toe nail shade for summer holidays. Essie is my favourite brand of high end nail polishes (if you can call them high end because they now sit between Barry M and Model’s Own in Boots!) because their shade range is pretty unparalleled and they aren’t too pricey.

Having said all that though, I didn’t find this shade as easy to work with as I do with the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine’s mentioned last week . It goes on slightly streaky and definitely requires 2 coats at a minimum. I also think the brush is slightly too slim. It also doesn’t give the same mirror shine and doesn’t seem to stay chip-free for so long (even with the use of a top coat).

To conclude, the colour is perfection, the quality is just ok.

You can pick this up from here for £7.99.

Thanks for reading!
Abi x


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