Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Nude-ist

I popped into Superdrug a few weeks ago to have a little mosey on my lunch break and as usual I left with a hand full of swatches. It wasn’t until later that evening when I stepped out of the shower that I realised one of the swatches just would not budge, even after about 6 hours, 3/4 hand washes and a shower! That’s some serious staying power right there! I cast my mind back to the earlier Superdrug trip and remembered that that particular swatch had come from one of the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks and I made a vow that next time I was there I simply NEEDED to pick one up!

The boring as ever, neutral fan I am I picked up a mid-toned beigey pink which closely remembers at least 9 or 10 other lipsticks and glosses in my collection. What can I say?! I just can’t seem to escape those kind of shades but at least I know what I like!

The lipstick comes in a liquid form with a doe-foot applicator and is completely matte. It’s easy to apply, the applicator picks up just enough product and doesn’t overload your lips whilst giving you enough precision to make a neat application.

As previously discussed, the staying power is pretty damn brilliant. I like knowing I can rely on what I put on my face in the morning and this is definitely one of those products. It will last about 3 hours on the lips (even through food and drinks) and then will fade to a nice stain for another few hours. It is slightly drying but nothing a bit of Blistex can’t fix.

I have now decided I absolutely need every single colour. The next on my list is Peach Club. You can pick these up from Boots and Superdrug for £8.99 each but they’re on special offer in Superdrug at the moment for only £5.99 so go go go!!

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Bargain Base

Whenever I’m asked what my favourite drugstore brand is I always say Revlon, it just seems to be the default answer I give because I used to be a committed Colourstay foundation user and I’m in love with their matte lipsticks and their nail polishes. However, recently I’ve realised that this is no longer the case. Move over Revlon, Rimmel is definitely now my firm drugstore favourite! I think as a brand they are really consistent in quality and the price point is something that can’t be sniffed at!

Two of my favourites are the Wake Me Up concealer and foundation. I am very much a fan of the dewy skin look. I do always apply a little bit of powder over the top for staying power but really hate the completely matte look and this foundation successfully gives that glowy but not oily look that I so long for in my base. The formula is quite thick which gives it a medium coverage but it is versatile enough to be sheered out or built up to achieve the desired coverage. In terms of staying power, I’d say this lasts about 7-8 hours without needing a touch up which I think is a pretty respectable time frame for a dewy foundation. All in all, it’s a good all rounder for an inexpensive price (£8.99 from Boots and they often do 3 for 2s which is a bonus!)

As for the concealer, I can’t fault that either. I know everyone bangs on about the Collection Lasting Finish concealer but having given it 2 tubes worth of a try, I think it’s really drying and the coverage isn’t as good as I’d expected after reading all the rave reviews! The Wake Me Up concealer is everything I wanted the Lasting Finish to be, the coverage is very full without being cakey and it’s moisturising but not oily. It’s only slightly more expensive than the Collection one too at £5.49, available here.

What’s your favourite drugstore foundation/concealer combo?

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Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: Tropical Temptation

Another pretty summer shade for you today – Revlon’s Tropical Temptation. This is my go-to holiday toe nail colour but I also think it looks really chic on the fingers! It’s a gorgeous coral (more at the pink end of the spectrum than the orange) and looks perfect with a tan.

The formula is a lovely thick cream and this is almost opaque in one coat (but I think it needs two to be on the safe side). The finish is lovely and glossy but I always complete the manicure with a final layer of my favourite Eye Candy gel-look top coat to achieve a super shiny look.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this shade online so I think it may have been discontinued, sob sob. However, some similar shades are Essie’s Cute As A Button and Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine in Grapefruit.

What’s on your nails at the moment?

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MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base

In the heat my makeup has the tendency to slide right off my face and I don’t think I’m alone. Who’s with me girls? I don’t have particularly oily skin but I go seriously shiny on hot summer days and the longevity of my foundation definitely suffers. This summer I’ve noticed it more than ever so have been researching products to combat it.

Enter…MAC’s Prep & Prime. I’ve heard lots of good things about this product and as an avid MAC fan, when I saw they were giving away free samples of this on their Facebook page I nearly squealed out loud. Unfortunately the offer is no longer running (sorry girls) but I thought I’d give you my thoughts in case you were interested in purchasing the product yourself.

In a nutshell, I like it. This sample may look tiny but I’ve got at least a week’s worth of uses out if it so feel I can give you a good reflection of it’s performance.

It works well with my skin and definitely makes my makeup last longer. I can’t say it completely eradicates the shine but it does help reduce it and I have better confidence in my makeup’s performance when I’m wearing it.

The best part for me about this product however, is how it makes my makeup look when applied. It applies nicely (it comes in a white cream formula) and sinks well into the skin so you don’t have to wait around for a long time before applying your foundation/concealer and it creates a lovely smooth surface, filling in any lines to ensure your makeup looks even and flawless.

For me, this product is a winner and definitely one I will be purchasing full size. It costs £21 for 30ml so not too bad and given how long this tiny sample has lasted I think the full size product would give me loads of uses. It can be purchased from here or MAC stores and counters.

What is your favourite skin primer?

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Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

Who doesn’t love a Lush bath? I am certainly a fan of the sweet smells and the pretty colourful bubbles that the Lush products provide. I’ve got sensitive skin so I’m quite limited when it comes to bath products unfortunately. Even some of the most gentle products can wreak havoc with my skin and bring me out in red bumps or itchiness. (Lush’s Butterball, although designed for sensitive skin, disappointingly didn’t agree with my skin).

However, this gorgeous pink block of loveliness has so far passed the test and seems to have worked nicely with my skin. It smells like bubblegum which I think is absolutely delightful as I love really sweet smells but I can understand how this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste!

It costs £3.95 for a 100g block which I think, if used in one go would be a pretty pricey bath! So I cut mine into 4 chunks. It nicely lathers and leaves a pretty pink tint as you can see below. However, one of the best things about the bath melt in my opinion is the fact it doesn’t stain your bath like some of Lush’s products (Honey Bee Bath Bomb I’m looking at you!)

To use mine I crumble it in my hands under a running tap and then swish the water around to encourage it to lather. I would definitely recommend this bath melt to those of you that are either nervous of Lush products in case they interfere with your sensitive skin or who are sick of scrubbing the heck out of your bath tub after using a bath bomb!

Which are your favourite Lush products?

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Just Another Manic(ure) Monday: Mischief Managed

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the lovely Tanya Burr, makeup artist turned beauty blogging extraordinaire turned cosmetic brand owner (plus, if you watch her YouTube channel you’ll know she’s a real sweetheart)!

I’ve been watching her for years and she’s been a real inspiration of mine so when I heard she was releasing her own nail polishes and lip glosses I was seriously excited. This polish was my first purchase. I was after a classic but youthful red shade and Mischief Managed is exactly that. It’s really bright which I love for summer but I can also imagine layering a red glitter over this for the Christmas season and it looking gorgeous then too!

The finish of this polish is perfect. It’s opaque in only one coat (although I always do two for shine and durability), it’s easy to apply and it’s super glossy. It almost looks like a gel polish. The brush is a great halfway house between being thick enough to cover the nail but thin enough to get in the corners without going over the edges or flooding the nail bed.

In short, I love this. Hats off to Tanya! You can purchase it from here for £5.99.

Have you tried any of Tanya Burr’s polishes? Which are your favourite shades?

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Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask


I love a good face mask. I think it feels like the ultimate way to pamper yourself on a Sunday night after a long week. This one, I particularly enjoy.

Firstly, it smells floral and feminine which, for me, adds to the girly, pampering vibe. It doesn’t have a synthetic flowery scent or an overpowering rose aroma. It just has a subtle fragrance which doesn’t linger on the skin.

It comes out as a white cream (which has an almost paste-like consistency) and is easy to apply to the skin. To me, it doesn’t feel like much on the skin. It doesn’t set really hard or crack and it doesn’t burn. I leave it on for about 15 minutes or longer and then wash it off with a warm, damp, muslin cloth. It’s easy to remove and you don’t need to scrub at your skin. When I remove it my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry it just feels clean and fresh.

I think this is a good all rounder. It won’t strip the skin, does a nice job of clearing up minor imperfections and leaves the skin feeling pampered and fresh. It is a very light mask so ideal for regular use (I use it once a week) and it won’t bring you out in blemishes. It’s also affordable. I picked mine up from here for only £7. The tube is small at 16ml but as you only need about a pea sized amount it does last a long time. I’ve had mine a couple of months now and use it most weeks and still have about a quarter of the tube left!

Excuse my scary face!

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