Winter 2014 Makeup Trends & How To Make Them Wearable

As a professional makeup artist an important part of my job is to to stay up to date with the latest and ever-changing makeup trends. It is also equally as important for me to distinguish between which of these are wearable for the everyday woman and which should be left on the catwalk!

Today I’m going to talk you through some of the trends this season and how you can make them work for you.

Bleached Out Eyebrows
This is, in my opinion, the strangest look I’m going to talk about today and the least wearable. We live in a fickle world don’t we?! I mean for a couple of years now we’ve all been doing our utmost to grow our once over-plucked brows back to big bushy things a la Cara Delevingne and filling them in to make them darker and more defined and now we want to make them virtually disappear?! It’s actually catching on as well – not only did it appear in a lot of the major brands shows at London Fashion Week this year but it’s been popping up on celebrities too – Miley Cyrus and Kim K to name just two!

How to make it wearable:
This isn’t a trend I’ll be trying on myself any time soon and I certainly am not going to recommend you bleach your eyebrows! If you are intrigued to try it though I would start with using an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow a few shades lighter than your natural colour and seeing how you like it first before doing anything extreme!

Doll-like Lashes
A much more flattering look but still slightly daunting if you haven’t tried it before! This trend basically involves going for a more ‘bottom heavy’ approach with the lashes – this may involve false lashes applied to the bottom lash line only or simply more mascara applied on the bottom than on top – resulting in a doll-like, bambie eyed look.

How to make it wearable:
I would advise staying away from the false lashes the first time you try this look. Instead line the bottom lash line (not the waterline on the inside of the eye but the line of skin just under that where the lashes grow from) with a black pencil liner or black shadow, the apply a couple of thick coats of mascara to the bottom lashes. In order for this look to work, do not apply liner or shadow to the top eyelid and only use a thin coat of mascara to give a bottom heavy look. If you decide the look suits you, you may want to experiment with false lashes – there are lashes especially designed for the bottom lash line available.

What makes this look unique is the use of metallics on the eyes and the lips at the same time. However, this is also what makes it slightly less wearable for daily use.

How to make it wearable:
Choose either lips or eyes and go very neutral and matte with the rest of your look. I also wouldn’t advise taking the eyeshadow all the way to your brow like this photo demonstrates, instead pack the colour into your lids only and blend away into your crease.

Stippled Eyeshadow
This is the most versatile look of the five as it can be interpreted many ways i.e using one colour all over lid and stipples out into nothing (as demonstrated in this photo), stippling one colour into another or going completely bare on the lid and stippling your liner instead.

How to make it wearable:
Apply a medium sized liner to the top lid and wing it out using a pointed liner brush. Immediately after applying this (before the eyeliner has time to set), use whatever product that is left on the brush to create dots coming out from the outside corner of the liner to create a stippled effect. Make sure the brush has hardly any product left on it and use a very light hand or you will have polka dots instead!

Colour Blocking
This trend, although it has been evident on catwalks this winter, is something that can be adapted to summer too depending on what colour are used. I like aquas, pinks and lime greens for summer and burgundys, navys and emerald greens for winter.

How to make it wearable:
Again, the key to making this look work for the everyday girl is to stick to either lips or eyes and not at the same time. A green or blue winged liner would look fab or a deep burgundy lip. Stay away from reddish tones near the eyes to avoid looking blood-shot and tired!

Images courtesy of Vogue and Cosmopolitan online.