The Best Eyebrow Product I’ve Ever Used!

I have hideously over plucked brows thanks to a pair of my mum’s tweezers finding their way into the overly experimental hands of 13 year old me in 2003! 11 years on and I’m still paying for the plucking mistakes of my teens as the hairs are very reluctant to grow back! I know a lot of you will feel my pain so today I’m sharing with you a product that’ll help you fake better brows if yours are as stubborn as mine!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (what a mouthful!) is what I’m talking about. It’s like a gel eyeliner for your brows and if applied with a very fine brush, it can be used to fake the look of more individual hairs thus making your brows appear fuller!

Here is a photo of my before and after. I think you’ll agree it makes quite the difference without looking overly fake and giving you the not-so-desirable ‘Scouse brow’ look.


It’s important to use this product with a light hand and remember adding more is much easier than taking away!

The Dipbrow Pomade is not exactly cheap at £15 but is so worth it in my opinion because I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and barely even touched the top of the pot as you need so little! Also, I think I’d pay triple that amount for a product this good!

I have the shade ‘Blonde’ and purchased mine at


Brow 101

For my first post I thought I would talk about something that I’m sure anyone who was left alone with a pair of tweezers in their early teens can relate to…the daily challenge of making your eyebrows look fuller than they actually are. I’ve tried loads of the products on the market – pencils (too hard), waxes (too, er, waxy), gels (too sticky), but I think I’ve finally found my go to brow combo and unfortunately, it’s not cheap.

These are my top 3 eyebrow picks of the moment. I start by brushing my brows upwards and then I take my MAC 208 brush and a little MAC Omega eye shadow and draw an outline slightly outside my eyebrows to make them the desired shape and size. I then fill this in with the shadow. MAC’s Omega is a neutral greyish taupe colour which is perfect for ashy blondes like me and the tiny angled 208 brush allows me to achieve a really precise, delicate line.

The final step in my brow routine is to again brush the brows in an upwards direction but this time using Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Light/Medium. This truly is a wonder product and to me it’s definitely worth the £17.50 price tag as I haven’t been able to achieve the same look with any product in the past. The fibres in the gel formula adhere to your own hairs to make your brows appear thicker (much like mascara but for your eyebrows).

I follow these steps everyday and am so pleased with the results, not only because they make my brows look better than they ever have before but also because it’s really quick and easy! As you can see from the photo, my MAC Omega is well loved! I have another on the way to me in the post, I think that will be my fourth,

In a bid to thicken up my hideously sparse brows I have also been applying canola oil on a cotton bud before I go to bed at night as I read that this is said to aid regrowth. The verdict is still out on that one but I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!

Abi x